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You know your business needs videos.  

If you have a business that provides real value for your ideal customers, then using a proven video ad strategy can help you to consistently generate new leads and customers.


If you have tried using video before and didn't get the results that you hoped for, then it can be due to one of many problems such as a poorly defined message, targeting the wrong audience, a low quality video or a lack of integration strategy.


Creating profitable video ads can be challenging and not everyone has the skills, experience, professional video equipment or time to persevere and make them work.


That's why the Video Ad Blueprint was created. This is a premium Done-With-Your service to give you all the benefits of video advertising, without all the hassle of actually creating the videos all by yourself.

Video Ad Integration

Vimaco has developed the most effective strategy to guide your ideal target audience, through the Customer Awareness Journey by using just 3 types of video ad campaigns.  


Most businesses make the mistake of focusing their sales efforts when their target audience are ready to buy. By that stage, the market is highly competitive, resulting in rising advertising costs that eat away at their profit margins.


Businesses that use Video Ad Integration, start identifying their prospects at the beginning of the Customer Awareness Journey when they are Unaware of their problem. This is where 30% of their target audience are. By establishing the essential Know, Like and Trust factor before they sell anything, they position themselves as the solution provider when their prospects are ready to buy. And that means being able to charge premium prices that increase their profits. 

The 3 Video Ad Campaigns

Every marketing video ever made, can be categorized as being one of the three types of videos.

The Brand Video introduces your business to new audiences. By sharing your story, you engage and connect with your ideal audience and position yourself as an authority in your niche market.

The Cultivate Video retargets the viewers that watched your Brand Video. By providing real value that actually helps your audience, you build  the essential KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor.

The Action Video retargets the viewers that watched your Cultivate Video. They are now ready to buy. By using the foolproof 12 step Video Sales Formula, you will convert more happy customers.

So How Can Video Ad Blueprint
Work for Your Business?

The Video Ad Blueprint has been designed to help business owners to create and implement video ad campaigns in the most effective and cost efficient way.


We work with you to develop an effective strategy to target your ideal audience, cultivate and convert them into happy customers.


Here's what you get...

  • Video Scripts that have been carefully crafted to build engagement and trust.

  • Storyboards so that you can confidently record your videos quickly without the stress. 

  • Reviews of your videos to identify any potential problems and maximize impact. 

  • Campaign Setup with step by step guide for you to implement with weekly analysis.

If you have always wanted to create impact for your business, using video...

Then this is for you.

You now have an opportunity to work with experts in Video and Online Advertising to maximize your impact and your bottom line. The days of guessing and hoping your ads will return a profit are gone.


Video Ad Blueprint is limited to a small number of Clients to ensure a highly personalized 'Done-With-You Service'.

Don't miss this opportunity. 

When you decide to join the Video Ad Blueprint today, 

here is what will happen next...


Questionare: You will receive a comprehensive survey so that we can quickly learn more about your business and your objectives.



Online Meeting: We will set up a convenient time to meet online and to develop the strategy for the Video Ad Integration.



Present Strategy: We will present the video scripts, storyboards and campaign setups. 

See what some of our clients have to say:

The easiest way to get video ads for my business.

I always struggled to get views for my videos and it never seemed worth all the effort. But Video Ad Blueprint makes it all so much easier to have quality videos that generate sales.

Barry McKenzie

Business Coach

Video advertising has changed my business.

I use to spend all my time trying to 'sell' my services to prospects but since I have been using the Video Ad Blueprint, my prospects are ready to buy before we meet.

Sue Wilson

Nutritionist Consultant

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We are so confident that the Video Ad Blueprint program can help your business to attract and cultivate new leads, convert them into happy customers. If for ever reason you are not 100% satisfied  with the service, you have a 30 day guarantee your money back.

If you are not using video strategically, you will struggle to get profitable campaigns. When you use the Video Ad Blueprint, you will no longer need to guess what is going to work for you.


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