ATTENTION Restaurant Owners

New Book Reveals How To Consistently Get New Customers

And Convert Them Into Raving Fans  

With 3 Essential Video Ad Campaigns


Dear Restaurant Owner,

If you want to consistently get more new Customers that come back again and again, this will be the most important book you'll ever read.

But first, here's why this
book may not help you.

I want to make this clear. This book is based on the foundations of marketing - the Customer Awareness Journey.


This strategy can definitely help you. But if you don't have a restaurant that consistently delivers quality food and service...then don't get this book. It's not for those that cannot provide real value to customers.


So with that understood, let me jump right in and show you ...

Exactly What You're Getting

First of all, this isn't like any business book you've ever read.


There's no fluff or filler - just proven tactics that are working right now.


And it's easy to read.


At 78 pages, you can read it in an afternoon.

And It's About MORE Than Just Creating Videos.

You can use the proven video strategy in this book, not only to sell more covers - but at higher prices than your competitors.  


For example, a local restaurant recently created their own Video Ad Integration to reverse a dwindling customer base, to being fully booked weeks ahead. With no more seats available, they were able to increase their prices by 20 percent.


So like I said, there's more to this little book than "just" making videos. Here's a fraction of what you're getting...

  • How to guide your ideal audience through the Customer Awareness Journey, until they are ready to buy from you.

  • Your video needs to go viral, right? WRONG! You don't need millions of views. You just need specific views from your local market. 

  • The 7 reasons why no-one is buying your stuff and how you can fix it fast

    (And the problem is usually nothing to do with your product).

  • How to brand yourself as an Authority in your niche so that when your target audience hears your name, they immediately picture you in their mind. You will own the 'real estate' in their mind.

  • Learn how to run your video campaigns without losing your shirt. In fact you will never waste money on video ads, as you long as you know the the specific analytics you need to watch and keep testing.

  • How to quickly create your video ads using the 3 Phases of Production, even if you have never made a video before.

  • Use the the "6-S Strategy" to optimize your mobile videos so that they capture and maintain the attention of viewers for the entire ad.

  • Why you need to use Facebook Live Video Streaming every week to cut your advertising costs by 50% or more.

And much, much, more! 

But you know what you'll really love?

You Will Become a Celebrity!

Listen. If you don't like the idea of getting in front of the camera and making videos, you're not alone.


Being a massive introvert, I couldn't  stand it either. But that didn't stop me from going to a National Academy of Performing Arts and making a living on television.


But I know lots of business owners who would rather do hard manual labor than stand in front of a video camera.


And that's why I've spent years developing this system I'll be giving you in this book.


When you use it, two things will happen.


First, you'll be viewed as genuine person that's connecting with their ideal customers.


They'll come away from the experience viewing you as a trusted authority ...regardless of whether or not they buy anything.


This is sets you up for a long term relationship with your ideal audience, and they're more likely to become a good customer that returns to your restaurant for years.


The next thing you'll notice is this:


You'll will be able to demand higher prices! You will be recognized as a 'celebrity' in your local community.


And you won't have to convince anyone of anything. And you won't even have to talk about your restaurant much at all!


That's because your personal brand creates instant trust.

Here's What To Do Next

"The "cost" of this book is just $7, and you will get it instantly as a download. You can start creating this powerful lead generating  machine right now. And in case you're wondering ...

There Is No Catch!

What you see is what you get. There are no hidden extra costs. I do offer some more advanced coaching and Done-For-You Services  for those that want it, but you will have everything you need in this one book.


Of course you could choose to spend the $7 for a fancy drink at Starbucks - but that won't change your business nor your life, like this book will. But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:

A Thriving Business Is About Seizing An Opportunity!

The above heading is one of my favorite mantras, and it should be one of yours as well. 


So now I am going to do my very best to get you to buy this book right now. The sooner you start getting more sales for your restaurant, the sooner you will create the lifestyle that you dreamed about. 


When you get the book today, I am going to give you an invitation to an exclusive online training workshop, "The Restaurant Sales Funnel Recipe."

This compliments your book perfectly!


You will also have access to me and other business owners, just like you, in our Video Ad Integration Community. You will be able to share ideas, build relationships and move forward with confidence. 


And now something unique, I will be sending you every updated edition of this book directly to your inbox so you will always have the very latest strategies at your fingertips. 


So that's my pitch, the rest is up to you.


Oh. And in case you're wondering ...




Of course there's a money-back guarantee.

Your Personal Guarantee


I Guarantee 100% that you'll love this book and the new video training or I'll return your $7 and let you keep the book and the video training anyway.


That's right. 


You don't even have to send anything back. 


Just email and I'll give you back your $7 with no questions asked.


How's that for fair?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy Now Before It Expires

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting with you soon.




Gerry Tacovsky


P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:


I'm offering you a 78 page book that outlines how to consistently get more customers, even if you charge premium prices.


The book is just $7 and gives you all the strategy you need to start today.


I also show you how to build your personal brand, create the essential Trust Factor and how to convert them into happy customers,


What's important about this is it doesn't use any sneaky sales tactics, or any of the typical stuff you might associate with "sales". (And in my experience, it simply works better.)


On top of all that, I'm also giving you an exclusive online training, free, which compliments what you will learn in the book.


Plus an invitation to work with me and other restaurant owners in our Video Ad Integration Community.


And my unique Special Offer, where you will receive Every Updated Edition of this book in your inbox for FREE. 


This is a very limited offer.


There is no "catch" to this offer. You will have every thing you need from this book.  


In fact, if you don't like the book let me know and I'll even give you back the $7. You don't even need to send the book back.

and claim your copy now. You won't regret it.

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